Aliceissleeping Album “Completely Fine” has been released. Available on LPs, CD and Digital, here some quotes from the press around the world.

“Aliceissleeping are a bit like how you wished grunge had turned out”(Devolution Magazine)

“The sound shifts across the nine songs, it’s the sort of band Hole wanted to be, switching musical styles while also retaining an adherence to the alternative 90’s sound” (Musipedia of Metal)

Alice is the soul of the band, like the blood that flows through the veins and keeps the organism alive. Drummer Jon drives the heart pump and guitarist Dan regulates the rhythm and emotions. Together, the trio creates a very individual style that lifts the mood, but also makes you think.(

“A brilliant album in its simplicity, with fresh songs, of immediate impact, but not at all predictable.” (

You can buy “Completely Fine” LP on Mandrone Record Shop and the CD on Aliceissleeping Bandcamp Page