We are thrilled to announce that a new killer band is joining the Mandrone Records family. We fell in love with them at a live show in 2019 and when we heard their new stuff we couldn’t help but invite them to join our roster.

London based Desert Clouds deliver ’60s psychedelic/rock influences and ’90s arrangements (or the other way around), with their own distinctive dark sound. The dynamic outfit sign to Mandrone Records as they prepare to release their new album Planexit in 2022.

The band comments:

It took long but finally we have found the right people to work with. It’s not easy to find a label like Mandrone Records who prioritizes the artist’s point of view while they work all around it

Drawing inspiration from all genres and influences from the likes of Syd Barred to Led Zeppelin to Nirvana, and Tool. Lyrically they often explore the darker side of the human condition and draw on interests such as the Italian artistic movement Decadentism, along with existentialism. Desert Clouds have a career spanning two decades. Originating from Italy, the outfit have seen line-up changes, multiple releases, and worked with a range of producers.

Get to more now the band here: