Excited and proud are the words. On March 5th 2021 the next epic episode of King Bong‘s Beekse Bergen saga, OGOPOGO, will see the light under Mandrone Records blessing.

The album consists of four liquid hours of structured program improvisation, recorded over a weekend in 2018 when the trio met with Chris Haskett (Henry Rollins, Bowie, Tool) on guitar and Rosarita Crisafi on the saxophone.

OGOPOGO will be released as digital download and in a Limited Edition of 50 box sets of 4 CDs.
Each box set is patiently crafted by the talented hands of Alberto, Andrea and Teo, who, as we speak, are manufacturing this pure expression of DIY philosophy.

The box set will be available on the band’s Bandcamp and on Mandrone Records’ shop as a special edition, which will include a printed map of the Beekse Bergen park: the perfect guide to trip with the band along the different paths you can find in this magic land painted with the music of this massive release.

King Bong

Chris Haskett

Mandrone Records Shop